Welcome to The Nurturing Nurse!

Hey, everyone! Welcome to The Nurturing Nurse!

Are you currently pregnant or wanting to get pregnant at some point?

Have you just recently brought home a newborn baby and feel completely lost on what to do?

Are you busy between work, school, running errands, paying bills, etc. and don’t have enough time to research how to care for your baby?

Do you want to connect with a community of people who feel that same way as you?

Well if you’ve answered yes to either of those questions, then this is the blog for you!

The Nurturing Nurse is here to raise awareness on health topics regarding newborn care, infant health, breastfeeding, and baby gadgets!

Having a baby is completely natural! But it can be HARD WORK! Delivering a baby only to leave the hospital after 48 hours ?? Whew! What a task! This is especially true for first time moms who are apprehensive on what to do, as well as moms who already have little ones at home.

"Am I feeding my baby enough?" "Is this milk still safe enough for my baby to eat?" "Why does my baby’s poop look like this?" "Why won’t my baby sleep?!"

Questions, questions, and more questions!

In honor of #NeonatalNursesDay, I created a site that hosts blog posts, workshops, and consultations curated for parents and parents-to-be. As a neonatal nurse, I’ve encountered so many moms who have a ton of questions soon before being discharged from the hospital. Although those questions may get answered, parents still have some apprehension and insecurities about bringing their newborn baby home. Sometimes, they have no idea what to expect! Other times, they feel overwhelmed with the thought of taking care of a toddler and a newborn baby at the same time.

Well I’m here to help! The Nurturing Nurse provides education on infant health, breastfeeding tips, gadgets that optimize stress, and news updates regarding newborns!

Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog for weekly updates!

Also, I host workshops and consultations for parents who are currently pregnant or parents who have just delivered a newborn baby! Be on the lookout for upcoming appointments to be more prepared to care for your infant!

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