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Frequently asked questions

How long do workshops last?

The Breastfeeding Basics & Beyond Workshop and the Nurturing Newborns Survival Guide Workshop last approximately 2 hours.

How long do consultations last?

The Breastfeeding Consultation and the Newborn Care Consultation last 1 hour.

What is the difference between a workshop and consultation?

Workshops provide an educational overview on breastfeeding/lactation and newborn care through zoom meetings. Multiple parents are registered to the same workshop in a class-based format. Consultations offer specific education on breastfeeding/lactation and newborn care through zoom meetings. Consultations are one-on-one appointments for parents who may prefer more focused teaching in a particular area.

Can the father of the baby or grandmother attend the workshop or consultation?

Yes, all workshops and consultations allow the mother and one support person to attend. The Nurturing Nurse recognizes that all families have different backgrounds and structures. The mother is able to bring the father of the baby, the grandmother of the baby, or even her sister! Just ensure that it's only one support person.